Love, Aubrey

Love, Aubrey is the story of eleven-year-old Aubrey, who finds herself living all alone. It’s okay, for a while. She buys plenty of SpaghettiO’s to eat and a pet fish to keep her company. While SpaghettiO’s and pet fish are both wonderful things, sometimes even the strongest people find they need a little more.

While Love, Aubrey is best described as a book for readers ages 9-12, the story itself may appeal to readers of any age. Click
here to read an excerpt.

Look for Love, Aubrey from Wendy Lamb Books in the US and Puffin in the UK.

Love, Aubrey has also been released in German by Cecilie Dressler Verlag; Swedish by B. Wahlstroms; Korean by Random House Korea, Seoul; Dutch by Van Goor; Indonesian by Penerbit Matahati, Japanese by Tokuma Shoten and Ukrainian by Old Lion.

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Eight Keys

Elise has loved her life with Aunt Bessie and Uncle Hugh so far, and she’s always been best friends with her neighbor, Franklin. But when Elise starts middle school, suddenly everything goes wrong: more family moves into their house; things with Franklin seem off, somehow; she can’t keep up in school; and her locker partner is a nightmare.

That’s when Elise discovers a secret, one that has been waiting for her since she was a little girl.

She’s never given much thought to the eight locked rooms above her uncle’s workshop in the barn; that is, not until she’s ready for something to change, not until she finds a key with her name on it…

Eight Keys is recommended for ages 9-12. Click here to read an excerpt.

Look for Eight Keys from Wendy Lamb Books in the US and Puffin in the UK.

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Listening for Lucca

Siena has a strange ability: she can see the past. She’s been dreaming of a house by the ocean…but why?

Siena’s little brother Lucca doesn’t talk. When their parents decide to move the family to Maine, they choose a house that resembles the one from Siena’s dreams. As Siena begins to take control of her visions, she discovered secrets of a family who lived in the house before, secrets that have eerie connections with the present…

Listening for Lucca is available in North America from Wendy Lamb Books and for British and Australian readers from Puffin. Audio discs are available from Listening Library.

This book is recommended for readers ages 9-12. Click
here to read an excerpt.

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Beautiful Blue World

Sofarende is at war. For twelve-year-old Mathilde, it means food shortages, feuding neighbors, and bombings. Even so, as long as she and her best friend, Megs, are together, they’ll be all right.

But the army is recruiting children, and paying families well for their service. If Megs takes the test, Mathilde knows she will pass. Megs hopes the army is the way to save her family. Mathilde fears it might separate them forever.

Beautiful Blue World is for readers ages 9 and up. It is available from Wendy Lamb Books. Click here to read an excerpt.

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Threads of Blue

Threads of Blue is the sequel to Beautiful Blue World. It will be available from Wendy Lamb Books in the fall of 2017.