Author Visits

We all got so much smarter. My creative writing is so good because of her. ~Grant, age 9

Suzanne is an experienced classroom teacher offering both single-day author visits and writing programs to schools and other organizations.

For your day visit, Suzanne offers:

• Assemblies (grades 3-8)

• Author Q&A (all grades)

• Small-group/single-classroom writing lessons (grade 3 and up)

• Small-group/single-classroom book discussions (grades 3-8)

• Readings and signings (grades 3-8)

• Career talks (all grades)

• Literacy subject-area professional development for teachers (grades 3-8)

Suzanne’s writing programs are designed to blend the specific needs of your student population with Suzanne’s professional writing process, which provides young writers alternative methods to the writing process taught in school. Suzanne builds your specialized course to include:

• Generating narrative (without brainstorming)

• Drafting (without outlining)

• Personalized critique for each student

• Incremental revision (without copying by hand)

• Proofing

• Production of finished pieces

• Author share

Writing programs are recommended for grades 3 and up. An optimal course length is ten sessions.

Suzanne does not conduct Skype visits.

For rates and other inquiries, teachers, librarians, and administrators may contact Suzanne regarding visits at

Suzanne LaFleur has been working on creative writing with the students at the Lower Lab School for several years. It is certainly a highlight for the students and they are always excited when she teaches our class. The students are always highly engaged when writing. The consistent feedback that she provides the students support and raises their writing to another level!
~Kevin Kok, Third Grade Teacher, Lower Lab School P.S. 77, New York, New York

My students loved LaFleur’s visit! They were so excited to ask her questions about her process and thought it was “cool” to talk to a writer and hear her read her own writing. It’s so important for kids to learn about how long and hard and wonderful the writing journey can be, and LaFleur's answers made a lasting impression.
~Amy Zolla, Middle School Literacy Teacher, Blue School, New York, New York

Suzanne’s stories are what interested us in having her speak to the Strivers, but her visit to the girls was what kept us inviting her back. She is very thoughtful, well spoken and great at engaging the girls in conversations about her books as well as other thought-provoking discussions. Many of our members leave her discussions inspired to be authors just like Suzanne! We would highly recommend Suzanne to speak to any group.
~Colleen Phelps, Founder and Coach, STRIVERS Running Club for Girls, grades 5-8, Natick, Massachusetts

It was really interesting to be able to see inside the mind of another writer; I loved hearing the writing tips, especially for forming story ideas. I love reading and writing and seeing her talk was very inspirational.
~Ruby, age 12

I like Ms. LaFleur because she lets us be free but still focused.
~Lucas, age 9

With her revisions I made my piece the best!
~Kenny, age 9

Her sessions were really fun!
~Evelyn, age 9

I love how I learned from her to write my story and how I learned that authors plan their stories phase to phase.
~Max, age 9

Creative Writing was one of my favorite subjects. Meeting a real author was nice.
~Lily, age 9

I think that her explanation of her writing process was very eye-opening to me and the other students, because it was very different from what we had learned throughout our years in school.
~Jonah, age 12