Love, Aubrey

“[Aubrey’s] struggle to overcome being “stuck” may offer strength to children who are suffering from a loss of their own...a heartbreaking and honest look at family trauma that is devastating, humorous, sad, and, most of all, real.—Booklist, Starred Review

Eleven-year-old Aubrey finds herself living all alone. It’s okay, for a while. She buys plenty of SpaghettiO’s to eat and a pet fish to keep her company. While SpaghettiO’s and pet fish are both wonderful things, sometimes even the strongest people find they need a little more.

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Dutch by Van Goor
German by Cecilie Dressler Verlag
Indonesian by Penerbit Matahati
Japanese by Tokuma Shoten
Korean by Random House Korea, Seoul
Swedish by B. Wahlstroms
Ukrainian by Old Lion